Hello everyone! We would like to say thank you to our loyal customers who have stuck with us and been patient this last year and a half. Booty Farms has gone through a lot! For those of you who know us, know that Kim (our husband, dad, son, brother, friend, rock) passed away in April 2018. It was a devastating time for the family, as Booty Farms was Kim's "baby" and it was hard, and still is, to bear the thought of him being gone. Kim loved the farm and was able to pass on so much passion and experience to his family. As most know, we did step back from the farm as far as our produce, but we have continued to sell our 'Character Seasoning' and chili mix and will continue to do so! At this time, we will not be farming any produce, but possibly in the future when Kim's grandbabies grow up we will! They can learn the tricks of the trade and the ins and outs of the field. They can see what their Papa Kim loved and what he passed on. He would have loved to see them in the field helping and eventually experiencing the feeling of accomplishment of harvest and selling our very own produce. Until then, we will do what we can and continue to provide and sell our seasoning. Kim was a great man and missed by so many. Thank you again to everyone for being there for us. Kim would want us to live our lives to the fullest and follow the Lord in all things. Kim loved all his customers and loved talking to each and every one. Customer service was Kim's strong suit. We will strive to keep his customer service. Happy Holidays to everyone and thanks for reading! God Bless! 

~Booty Farms