Booty Farms is a small company in Southwestern Nebraska in the Platte River Valley. We are family owned and operated. We are located in Sutherland between Interstate 80 and Union Pacific’s Transcontinental Railroad.

Our farm originated as a hobby by our founder, Kim, then we progressed into Value-Added products. We want to help our customers get quality products that are wholesome and grown in America to their families. Quality is our business, and customers are our focus. Our products are of our own design and required lots of grueling and nasty taste tests to find the quality and flavor we desired.

Adding value is a process that we do to improve the profitability of our produce. Through drying and smoking of the chili varieties we are able to furnish the consumers with a product that can be used year round. With the smoked jalapeños (chipotle) we have developed a character seasoning that is not only a meat rub, but also it can be used on any dish to add character. We call these products ‘Character Seasonings’. The seasonings have been developed for the fast pace food life that we live in. This blend of spices is the same spices that we normally use at home with an added kick of ‘character’ provided by the dried chilies. These chilies are the character.

If you have any questions about our processes and how they came about please call us at 308-386-8855 or shoot us an email at

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